Green Tourism

Our Green credentials are always evolving. We are increasingly aware of our obligations to the environment, and our efforts to save energy and reduce our demands on natural resources. Here are some of the practical solutions we apply:

  • Our policy is to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.
  • We source our main breakfast ingredients from a Gloucestershire based company who deliver our sausages and bacon.
  • Our free range eggs are from a local Co-operative.
  • We help to celebrate British Food Fortnight, ‘Taste of the West’ and other local and national events to promote local produce.
  • Cheltenham hosts a farmers market on alternate Fridays where we source fruit and vegetables, honey and some cereals.
  • We aim to recycle wherever possible.
  • Guests are asked to separate paper and wet refuse and to re-use towels
  • Wherever practical, energy efficient equipment will be supplied and used.
  • All electrical equipment should be turned off when not in use.
  • We have reduced our carbon footprint by removing mini bars and we are no longer licensed.
  • We have reduced the temperature of our washing cycles and the main water boilers although there is still plenty of hot water for guest showers.
  • Eco – washing balls are used in place of powder and when replacing lights and fixtures in future we will endeavour to use energy efficient equipment.
  • A recycling box has been introduced for our Studio and self catering guests.
  • We are keen to keep our products green and environmentally friendly.
  • Our Butlers Log for all things green is continually being updated and improved. Suggestions on how we can achieve amore effective, sustainable and greener business are always welcome.